Tan Bee Leng

“Dzulkhibry (ZUL) is the best first aid instructor for all the teaching and non teaching staffs whom attended for the 3 days standard first aid & aed course. A very detailed, friendly and spontaneous person with concise explanations and fun at the same time. We thank you for conducting our class with such fun, patience, integrity and always showing real life scenarios so that we can remember and start saving life as a certified first aider.”

Alloysius Lim

The BCLS course is very comprehensive and well thought of. The BCLS course is the best i’ve attended as compared to many that i’ve attended. Dzulkhibry (ZUL) is very good and i enjoyed the course. The lessons are very hand-ons and he made the lesson very interesting indeed. I would recommend everyone to attend this course.

Khairul Bin Abdullah

“Lessons are conducted interactively with hands on experience and scenario demonstrations so that we can apply your newly minted lifesaving skills in real contexts. Real life experiences and explanation helps us remember the key things that should be done in cases of a real emergency in our life. Hands-on practical as well as videos, well-designed handout and clear explanations appeal to various learner styles and help all of us remember well.”

Ali Bin Tahir

“Very practical hands-on exercises done during the sessions, scenario based learning was very effective in assisting old man like me to remember processes and CPR steps better. Definitely gives me the confidence to handle real life situations.”

Ong Hui Ping

Best First aid training center with very good and fun instructors. I never felt sleepy or boring for the past 3 days of course. Its so much fun and yet interesting even though I have attended for many years of standard first aid course. Location of the training center was very accessible and super near Macpherson MRT.

Chan Kin Hock

Due to our busy and different work schedules, we thank Comfort Lifesaver Training Academy for accommodating and arrangement to trained at our premises for training all our ERT team members for our plant at Jurong Island. 

Welvin Sum

It helped me to learn more about what to do in an emergency and to take an active role during such emergencies especially in our oil and gas industry. Every minute matter! A big thank you to Dzulkhibry aka Zul and his team of instructors for making it interesting and captivating for all my ERT team.

Angela Ng Pei Pei

“Scenario based training and lots of practical handon is the strengths of the first aid course which gave lots of confidence to me as a lifeguard and to perform CPR and AED in real life situations. Special thanks to Liza and Nurin for assisting on the Skills future claim that I do not have to pay anything in cash. Hurray !”

Sheila Lim Ting Ting

“Really informative and enjoyable first aid course – very suitable for everyone including domestic maid (Indonesians, Myanmar, Philippines) as 80% of the course is very hands on and practical – covered normal first aid topics plus also other useful info such as stroke, asthma, electrical shock, etc. Thank you Dzulkhikbry for taking extra time to explain and ensuring my care giver understand the importance of First aid and its particular use. “

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