The Company Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T)First Aid with AED Course is targeted at the proficiently and physically fit members of public/organisation, who is required to learn the crucial skills in life-saving, as part of the C.E.R.T Programme put in place by the community/company.     Participants will  be equipped with the theoretical as well as practical skills to critically intervene in any trauma emergency, by managing possible wounds, fractures and simple burns, delivering quality CPR as well as the use of an Automated External Defibrillator. Quality CPR will be emphasised via the use of latest technology in measuring actual compressions and/or ventilations. Candidates will be awarded the C.E.R.T First Aid with AED Certificate (Accredited by the Singapore Civil Defence Force) after completing the theory and practical components of the course successfully.  The certificate will be valid for 2 years.




8 hours inclusive of assessment (Excluding breaks) – 1 day



Assumed knowledge and skills

Able to write, speak, read and understand Basic English

Physical / Mental / Medical History

Participants with current medical history or underlying heart and/or lung conditions or any medical problems associated to wrist, spine, knee or joints injury or any physical/mental disabilities are advised to obtain clearance from a physician to attend the course and assessments. Ladies in any term of pregnancy are highly discouraged from undertaking the CPR practice due to safety reasons

Other Special Requests

Should you require any other special needs / requests, kindly contact us via email at enquiry@comfortlifesaver.com or call +65 84818504 for further assistance.

Singapore Citizens & PR Singapore Citizens ONLY
Type of Participant Full Course Fees* SkillsFuture Funding
> 21
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> 40
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WTS Funding
Balance Payable
Self-Sponsored $110 Not Available Not Available Not Available
Company Sponsored (SME) $110 Not Available Not Available Not Available
Company Sponsored (Non-SME) $110 Not Available Not Available Not Available

* All prices are NETT prices

* DO NOT MAKE ONLINE PAYMENT : If you wish to utilize Skills Future Credit, select ‘Cash’ payment in the online registration. We will contact you upon receiving the online application for further proceedings.


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